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QNAP Turbostation TS-109 Pro II (NAS)

Homepage: Specification


QNAP Turbostation TS-109 Pro II (NAS)

Mark: Very good

I have a QNAP 109proII which works great with OS/2 after some manual tuning of the ext3 filesystem and Samba settings for EA support. Most NAS don't support EAs which makes it impossible to use the IBM LAN requester with the WPS. Though the SMB netdrive plugin seems to work with WPS also without EA support. Non-WPS file managers like FM/2 or MrFilePM work fine also with IBM LAN requester.


Información enviada por: Heiko Nitzsche -- 2008-09-17 11:41:27



Test the program:

Firefox 4 - works faster, shows modern web-sites + don't forget to install Microsoft font pack.


Heiko Nitzsche
2008-09-17 00:47:26

Whoever added this to the archive, please don't guess ratings without asking the owner!!!

My QNAP 109proII NAS works pretty well with OS/2 and eComStation. SeaMonkey and Firefox can be used to manage the configuration without any problem. Also IBM LAN Requester and NetDrive SMB plugin work fine.

Initially no EA support was active but because this NAS provides telnet and ssh access, I was easily able to activate EA support for Samba server as well as for the file system. The only small limitation is the size of supported EAs per file, which is 4KB. This is caused by the limits of the ext3 file system used by the NAS. Almost all applications (including WPS) work fine with this limit, assuming no big thumbnails are added to the files.

The rating should also include performance and features. In this area the QNAP 109proII outperforms most other NAS that are sold in the same category.

It also has very good remote and local backup support to external eSATA or USB 2.0 disk drives which also allows real file sync via rsync (not just copy).

There are many more great features like:

- fanless, almost no noise with a silent disk

- it is really fast in terms of transfer rates (gigabit ethernet required)

- very energy efficient

- print server for up to 3 printers

- SMART disk monitoring


- telnet/ssh access

- UPnP media streaming server (Twonkymedia)

- iTunes server

- Photo album with autogeneration of thumbnails

- PC independent download station for FTP/HTTP/Torrents

- IP camera monitoring

- user installable add-on software packages, including a large archive of apps and servers from NSLU2 community

- not to forget an active community and good support

So based on my experiences over 2 months now, I'd rate it VERY GOOD!!!

Eugene Gorbunoff
2009-04-16 20:41:32

Heiko Nitzsche posted additional information in the Internet:

I'm running a QNAP TS-109 II pro for almost a year. This is a single bay NAS but the QNAP TS-209 series is dual bay and supports JBOD, RAID 0 and 1 (with hot-swapping). As both series are internally almost identical and are using the same hardware and and firmware, I'm pretty sure that the 209 will work fine with eCS as well. There was a recent announcement for a 219 which has more powerful processor, even more RAM and iSCSI, just in case you want to do more ;)

All QNAP NAS have telnet and ssh access and thus you can configure them to your needs (You should have an eye on this important feature!!!). They're running Linux 2.6 on 500MHz ARM. After some Samba Server fine tuning I can access the NAS with Samba Netdrive client and IBM Requester as well. After enabling EAs for Samba Server and ext3 file system they also work fine (e.g. WPS access, thumbnails for PMView Pro and Lucide). The EA size is limited to 4KB due to ext3 file system but this has caused no issues so far. I did not try printing from eCS, only from Windows XP. The NAS has lots of features besides SMB. The Pro version also has NFS, all have also FTP, Web access, Print Server, Rsync support, MySQL, Web Server + PHP and Joomla pre-installed. Checkout [url]

Beside file storage I also use it for media streaming (photos, music, video) to my PS3 via the built-in TwonkyMedia server. There are lots of add-on packages available, checkout the applications page on the NAS info. The NAS also provides built-in backup functionality to locally attached disk or via Rsync.

Transfer rate on eCS with GbE are up to 24MB/sec for reading and 14MB/sec for writing via IBM LAN Requester, ftp is a bit faster. Unfortunately on eCS the network drivers do not support Jumbo Frames. The Windows XP running on the same PC (dual boot) is accessing it with 9k Jumbo frames and this gives another 30%.

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