Usage of CRC

1. How to run CRC?

Run crcdmn.exe

(How to run CRC on boot? Add crcdmn.exe to startup.cmd, not StartUp folder; working directory: directory of CRC)
The program is not visible and shows banners if user is sending commands only.

You can always quit CRC (press Ctrl-Alt-F4).

2. Special notebook buttons

If you press special notebook buttons then ACPI events occur and you see banners, like:

Power cord attach/detach  
WiFi On/Off  

3. Select active multimedia application

// How to call/change applications?

All events are forwarded to the Active multimedia application. There are several methods to change the active application:

Ctrl-Alt-M combination
Or MENU button on Remote Control
Call CRC Menu, Select an application.

Notes: you can see the menu if no active application or

via CRC Widget

Select via CRC Widget

FM/TV/.. button on remote control Use TV/FV/DVD buttons (on remote control) for quick selection of application

4. Control of multimedia applications

All events are forwarded to the Active multimedia application.

5. Forward commands to the operating system

Press the buttons to..

Power patrol (aka POPA), Quick selection of power consumption (throttling & brightness)


  • throttling (POPA plugin, Intel CPU),
  • brigthness (notebooks, depends on plugin).
Uniaud, Chahge master volume


  • setup CRC, depends on .lst files

6. Hot-keys