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New notebook

How to capture events? Start the utilities (ACPI package, util\ subdirectory):

Press the combinations of Fn + F1, Fn + F10 keys and
look at the reaction of the utilities.

Send the codes via web-form:

Which events are needed?

Super button Thinkpad has blue button "Access IBM". Does your notebook similar button? We are going attach special function to it.
Brightness Brightness change
Fn+F1, Fn+F2, .. F12 Collect all this codes
Switch to Battery, switch to AC Series of codes
LCD on/off Try collect all events
Volume Volume change, does your notebook manage volume? Or is it necessary adjust it using UNIAUD?
Throttling Does your notebook support throttling?

Read x:\ecs\bin\SetGetThrtl.doc, test x:\ecs\bin\SetGetThrtl.exe