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Q: Genmac system requirements

  • eComStation operating system
  • JFS or HPFS filesystem
  • SMP kernel (for some reason GenMAC sometimes works with the SMP kernel but not the Uni or Warp4 kernel!)
  • SMP APIC mode is recommended (ACPI.PSD driver)

Q: How to run unsupported network adapters

Please read instructions -- /UNSUPPORTED.MODE\ page

Q: How to disable Genmac temporary?

rem this line on CONFIG.SYS


Q: Connections is not stable

A: try this method: discussion at os2world.com

Q: Atheros doesn't work

A: Change the value of extendedChanMode to 1 (windows .inf file)

Q: How to check MAC address?

Check the output of netstat -n

If you have physical address 00000000000000 for the ethernet card, you need to manually specify the MAC address.

Q: How to increase power for Intel 3945?

A: Search for variables (windows .inf file): there are 3 variables: Diverable11a .. 11c, the value is 1, change to 0

Q: Does Genmac wrapper support WEP or WPA?

A: Yes, if the card supports it (old cards do not support) Use XWLAN to setup the driver.

Q: GenMAC/XWLAN indicate no WiFi card is installed - the same as with the W4 kernel.

A: Try install SMP kernel

Q: The adapter is recognized but doesn't work (properly) ?

A: try boot in SMP APIC mode (ACPI.PSD with /SMP /APIC switches) => genmac works better usually.

Q: Does Genmac support plain NetBIOS?

(2009/01): The latest Genmac drivers is able to handle both NETBEUI and TCPBEUI, but plain NetBIOS needs much more testing.

(200812): NO, Thorolf

The latest Genmac drivers is able to handle both NETBEUI and TCPBEUI, but plain NetBIOS needs much more testing.

what are your experiences with plain NetBIOS?

What is about stability, compatibility and performance?

In the past there was not a big need for plain NetBIOS, because mostly everything relevant could be covered with NetBIOS over TCP/IP that comes with OS/2.

Today the situation has changed: we have XP/Vista, MacOS X and Linux, all of them are relevant and all of them are not compatible with the old NetBIOS over TCP/IP anymore that OS/2 has build in.

One reason (at least for me) to use OS/2 as server and client was the great network stuff, OS/2 comes with and in the past, the great compatibility to the rest of the world.

But to get connected modern OSes with modern SMB-implementations I have to use the Samba-Server for OS/2 on the WarpServer too, with the result that I can't use NetBIOS over TCP/IP anymore to get OS/2 systems connected.

To solve this we have two options:

  • using NetDrive with the Samba-plugin
  • using plain NetBios parallel to the Samba-server

Using NetDrive is not an option to connect an OS/2 client to an OS/2 server because I loose the advantages I have with the OS/2 network.

But NetBIOS would work without these problems, it can be used parallel to Samba, I have full compatibility for my OS/2 systems and (theoreticly) a good performance!

During the weekend I made some tests with my ACP2r server (Intel-driver) and some clients, ThinkPad X31 with eCS 1.2r (Intel-driver) and eCS 2.0rc6 (GenMAC), ThinkPad T40 with eCS 2.0rc6 (GenMAC), ThinkPad T60 with eCS 2.0rc1 (GenMAC) and eCS 2.0rc6 (GenMAC), Windows XP and MacOS X 10.4.

I removed NetBIOS over TCP/IP and installed Samba on my ACP2r-server, created some users and shares and made some tests with 3,3GB/951 files-data where everything from some bytes to 700 MBs was included (the files for the TTC Aniversarry Edition).

The ACP2r-server, the T60 and the X31 are connected via Gigabit, while the T40, Windows XP and MacOS X only have 100 MBit/s connections.

With NetBIOS over TCP/IP everything was fine for the OS/2 systems, I got average transfer rates between 10 MB/s to 15 MB/s (in the past I even had up to 25 MB/s, but this may be related to disk performance).

While eCS 1.2r with the Intel-driver on plain NetBIOS still had acceptable transfer rates (7 MB/s to 9 MB/s), Windows XP, MacOS X (each about 8 MB/s), and even NetDrive on my T60 to the Samba-Server (10 MB/s) too, there where mostly a "no go" with plain NetBIOS on my systems that use GenMAC.

My ThinkPad T60 with eCS 2.0rc1 made 0,5 MB/s to 1,5 MB/s, the X31 with 2.0rc6 3 MB/s to 4 MB/s and my T60 with eCS 2.0rc6 began with 10MB/s but paused quite often during the transfer, the transfer rate had very big variations and with the 700 MB-file he stopped the transfer with an error that the network is not accessable anymore - during this time the WarpServer even was NOT pingable anymore from an other system!

So depending on your experiences this might be an issue with GenMAC that has to be fixed, but to identify that, more testing is needed!

(source: Thorolf Godawa)



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