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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
Applications, news, reviews, support of users, hardware, questions and answers.
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How to support T&V HappyPlayer project?

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.20, 20100314


  • improved Fullscreen mode (WarpOverlay!)


  • watching TV movie about dutch tulips / смотрим "Тюльпан" по 5-ому каналу (фильм: Павел Лобков)

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 10 (20061214)

  • Ready for Central Remote Control

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 7 (09.05.2006)

  • * Now you can make screenshots while watching fullscreen TV (thx Doodle)
  • * Functions relating to MMIO I/O Procs were separated to ECOMEDIA library
  • * Use 'space' key to freeze the picture (old 'v' key is working too)
  • ! fixed: picture freezes when switching to fullscreen if there is title bar
  • ! fullscreen: disabled moving of window with LMB
  • ! optimized fullscreen output

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 6 (06.03.2006)

  • * Support of system screensaver (Doodle Screensaver)
  • * Fullscreen via WarpOverlay! - use F6 key
  • * Using eCo Software Lange library instead of msg for multilanguage support

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 5 (16.01.2006)

  • ! Remote control plugin supports Capture button (switch to buffered output before using the capture!)
  • * Press F5 to switch between buffered output and direct; Switch to buffer mode if going to grab screenshots
  • ! Screenshot: a) alignment; b) allow make screenshots when working in high-color videomode;
  • * Press F12 to make screenshot; Only for /BUF mode. Select format via tvhp.ini -> ScreenshotFormat=jpg (or png/gif/..)

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 4 (18.10.2005)

  • ! Maximize button is disabled
  • ! Center TV window on the first startup
  • ! Removed delay on focus change
  • * RightMouseButton DoubleClick minimizes TV window
  • ! Optimized program for RISC processor

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 3 (04.10.2005)

  • * Defined min/max size of TV window
  • * The TV window is moveable if LeftMouseButton is down
  • * Show/hide titlebar
  • * Load/save settings (position, mute, floatontop,..)
  • * PopUp menu, Float on top

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 2 (26.09.2005)

  • * If no channels.dat then suggest scan the TV space
  • * MSG files for multilanguage support
  • * If no arguments then draw directly to videomem; /BUF - output via gradd; /DIVEBUF - output via dive
  • ! Title changed to '%channel% - T&V HappyPlayer'
  • * No delays on focus change

T&V HappyPlayer v.2.00 beta 1 (21.09.2005)

  • * Trial restrictions
  • * Autodetect tv-tuners
  • ! Fixed troubles with video memory address detect on ATI videocards
  • ! new icon

T&V HappyPlayer v.1.15 (28.10.2003)

  • A try to avoid image offset on new ATI cards.


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Database of OS/2 compatible hardware


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